What's in the Name "Hangtime"?

"Hangtime?" Yes, for us it's always "Time-to-Hang"... out on the rock, with friends, fellow climbers, and mother nature. To us at Hangtime, rock climbing transcends more than just a sport or activity.  It brings about the satisfaction of past climbing accomplishments, the eagerness to overcome our personal limits and most of all, the camaraderie of those who shared the experiences. Hangtime aims to make that happen by reaching out to residents and visitors of San Diego and offering safe, fun, and personable guided climbing trips that won't melt the plastic in your wallet.

Core Values

Safety First - We realize that climbing is an inherently dangerous activity but that proper knowledge, experience, and an open mind to newer, safer techniques will keep us safe and bring us back to climb another day.

Community - We give back to the community that keeps us alive. Hangtime contributes a percent of its profits to non-profit organizations such as the Allied Climbers of San Diego and Outdoor Outreach, and occasionally offers free climbing and instructional trips through San Diego meetup groups.

- Climbing is a sport rich in information or "beta" as referred to by climbers. Whether it be about gear, techniques, routes, or other climbers, we believe in absorbing as much as we can, and happily informing those in need.

Environmental Responsibility
- With a business rooted in nature comes a relentless appreciation of nature. Hangtime's environmental stewardship is at the forefront of San Diego businesses. We support local businesses with like minded values, implement strong "Leave-No-Trace" principles, use reusable food containers and water bottles during our trips, use rechargeable batteries for all electronic equipment, and our office goes above and beyond mere recycling but also composts food waste to reduce landfill usage.

Paul Puey • Owner and Head Instructor

Paul is an AMGA certified Climbing Wall and Single Pitch Instructor, PCGI Single Pitch Guide, and WMA certified Wilderness First Responder. His rock climbing addiction has brought him to various parts of the world on varied terrain, from sandstone, granite, limestone, and even radiolarian chert in locations throughout the Western US, Canada, Mexico, and even overseas in Thailand, Greece, and Germany. In addition to guiding with Hangtime, he also teaches instructional programs at Mesa Rim Climbing Center, Paul also volunteers with at-risk youth on climbing, mountain biking, and snorkeling trips with Outdoor Outreach. His favorite climbing hot spots are the long multipitch trad routes of Yosemite, Tahquitz, and Red Rock. A gear junkie at heart, be sure to ask him about the latest and greatest climbing doo-dads and doo-hickies.


Patrick Moore • Owner

Patrick is trained in advanced anchor building and mountain self-rescue techniques. This ever fearless climber seems to thrive on the thin air of the mountains. Living only hours away from Tahoe, Patrick was drawn to explore the mountains year-round. He has since bouldered to multipitch climbed hidden inner-city rock spots to famous Yosemite routes. When he is not climbing, Patrick enjoys volunteering his time to AccessFund.org in an effort to preserve climbing areas for all to spend more time in nature.